Zenyata Foods specializes in niche foodservice markets inclusive of senior feeding, schools, corrections and smaller private contract feeders providing “value add” center of the plate food products for year round menu planning and savings.  Our supplier partners are sourced, very selectively, as the specifications and price points for these markets are extremely tight and more exacting than most folks take the time to really understand and embrace.  Our twenty-years of collective experience help us to navigate and guide our customers accordingly in the best interest of their foodservice operation. 

We intricately understand what it takes to build and keep a relationship – it DOES take time and careful attention to every detail.  TRUST is predicated on keeping your word, good communication, follow through, exacting attention to detail, admitting when you are wrong and fixing it as quickly as possible AND at the end of the day – how does that person/company HANDLE a problem?  We are here for the long-term relationship and parternship!  

We welcome and invite you to learn more about what we can DO for you!  We are just a phone call away and promise to BRING CREATIVE solutions! 

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